Amas De Casa Desesperadas 2 Capitulos Completos

| Friday, February 24, 2012
Here you can watch Amas De Casa Desesperadas 2 Capitulos Completos

Amas De Casa Desesperadas 2 synopsis :
Alicia de Oviedo, seemed to have the perfect life: a loving husband, a very well behaved child, a dream house and four inseparable friends. 10 years ago came with her husband Paul and their son, Julian, in a residential neighborhood in Buenos Aires, inhabited mainly by immigrants from affluent resources. Now she is dead. And it is his own voice that tells why it was so surprising to everyone that she had committed suicide with a shot in the head. From their point of view, Alicia will see much more being dead than alive, and will share with viewers all those secrets hidden in the beautiful and seemingly perfect houses of Calle Manzanares. It is within this turbulent history, and the backdrop to this seemingly tranquil area of ​​migrants from Buenos Aires, which runs this fun drama tinged black humor.

Through the voice of Alice we will learn the life of its four neighbors and friends: Susana Martinez, Lina Yepes, Gabriela Solis and Eugenia de Koppel, who will try to reveal the big secret that led Alice to make such a decision, as they try to cope routines with their housewives, without achieving overcome despair.


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