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| Friday, February 24, 2012
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Amorcito Corazon synopsis;
Amorcito Corazon (Darling sweetheart) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Televisa by Lucero Suarez. Rehabilitation of the Venezuelan RCTV telenovela Trapos Intimos. It stars Elizabeth Álvarez, Diego Olivera, Africa Zavala and Daniel Arenas involving antagonistic Fabiola Campomanes as the main villain and stellar performances by the leading lady Mariana Karr, Macaria and Grettell Valdez.

Isabel Cordero (Elizabeth Álvarez) is an unlucky in love architect who lost the love of her life when she was 18 years old because of her controlling father, Leopoldo (Alfonso Iturralde) who also left his wife to start a relationship with Isabel's godmother. For this reason, Isabel's mother, Sara (Silvia Mariscal) loses her mind for a while and is admitted to a psychiatric medical institution. Isabel believes that she is cursed. She thinks that every man who falls in love with her will suffer for it. She thinks she will never succeed in love and be happy, until she meets Fernando Lobo.

Fernando Lobo (Diego Olivera) is the manager of a construction company. After the death of his wife Sofia (Fabiola Campomanes), he is dedicated to raising their three daughters. While on a working trip to Veracruz, he meets Doris (Liz Vega) with who he starts a short lived romance. After the project, he returns to the capital. Under somewhat funny circumstances, he meets Isabel, who is also his neighbor. Unbeknownst to Fernando, Isabel is a a friend of his three daughters. Doris, meanwhile, will join forces with Alfonso, Isabel ex boyfriend (Miguel Angel Biaggio) to prevent the relationship between Isabel and Fernando. Doris makes up a pregnancy that never existed.

Isabel and Fernando will become sweethearts but mistrust separates them, moreover, Maria Soledad (Renata Notni), eldest daughter of Fernando, will not accept such a relationship, although her two sisters, Maria Fernanda (Regina Tiscareno) and Maria Luz (Karol Sevilla) will do so gradually.

Meanwhile Lucía (Africa Zavala), Fernando's younger sister, is about to finish her novitiate in the convent run by Sor Ernestina (Raquel Morell), when she meets Guillermo "Willy" Pinzon (Daniel Arenas) a gym instructor that, in turn, is a gigolo. Despite her convictions about her religious vocation, the emergence of "Willy" and his declaration of love will make Lucia hesitate. In addition, La Beba (Mariana Karr) is in love and obsessed with Willy, but all he wants is her money. Hortensia (Macaria) Beba's best friend and mother in law of Fernando wants to open the eyes of her friend.

Zoe (Grettell Valdez), Isabel and Lucia's best friend, is a woman dedicated to her home and her husband Alvaro (Pietro Vannucci). Alvaro is cheating with a man in his own house. Zoe realizes that she never really fell in love with Alvaro or any other man and does not "get them." In a suicide attempt she meets Cecilo (Richard Fastlich). She begins to like Cecilo but later will meet Felipe (Alex Ibarra) who will become her boyfriend. At the time she is unaware that Cecilio and Felipe are friends.

Marisol, the eldest daughter of Fernando Lobo, is a rebellious teenager who is in constant conflict with her father, but finds love with Juancho (Diego Amozourrutia) a humble young man who is also a cousin of Willy. However, Barbara (Gabriela Mellado), sister of "Willy", is also in love with the boy and will do everything possible to separate him from Marisol.

A twist in the plot happens when Manuela (Fabiola Campomanes) Sophia's twin sister returns. She was away on her mother's orders. She feels an obsessive love for her sister's husband. She is totally different from her twin sister. During this time it is discovered that the deceased sister was actually Manuela. Sofia has been impersonating her dead sister.

Fernando and Isabel will face many challenges but everything will work out because their love is a true love.


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