Ver Caputilos de Primera Dama Completos Online

| Sunday, February 19, 2012
Ver Caputilos de Primera Dama Completos Online

In Caputilos Completos can see all the chapters complete your Primera Dama Telenovela for free. To qualify for this, select the chapter number you want to view and then click the Play dale. These chapters are updated daily.

Primera Dama: "Primera Dama" presented in his first starring Carina Cruz and Kathy Saenz, Christian Meier and Javier Jattin. The production recorded in HD on location in Bogota and Cartagena, tells a story based on the world of politics, whose main attraction is its unusual shape.

Paloma is a young province with strong ambitions and prepared to become the First Lady. The ethical principles of his mother, Estrella, and her love for Mariano, a handsome theater director, will hinder the way to get what he wants. Paloma will work, but the question is what hides the First Lady?

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